Below is listed some of the jobs we can undertake. From simple head skims to full engine rebuilds and removing and refitting of engines. If you require a specific job done and are not sure then contact us on 01563 541707 or email  [email protected]  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems from simple services to oil and filter changes to brakes clutches or wheel bearings no matter what job we undertake most job related to vehicles.Our staff are highly skilled and trained to work on most makes and models with any job needing done cal on 01563541707 or email us on  [email protected] for costing on job you require done.


Electrical Problems

We have some of the latest diagnostic equipment in house to be able to diagnose management and electrical faults on vehicles. Whether it be simple bulb service light needing reset or more complex faults then we can diagnose and supply parts to fix your vehicle. We have reliable oem suppliers for most switches egr valves etc for most makes and models of vehicle. Please call for costing of job on 01563 541707 or email on  [email protected]


Engine Repairs, Reboring & Regrinding

Engine repairs from as simple as head gaskets done or short motors or full engines or just repairs and supply parts we have a vast knowledge and experience of working with engines over last 25years. We have all the equipment needed to do reboring block from as small as single cylinders to large hgv up to 6 cylinders.We have a crankshaft grinding machine which can grind crankshafts up to 3 meters.We also have a honing facility after reboring block. We have several build stands and a 70 tonne press for removing and fitting liners whether it be dry or wet.All engine work is done in house by our own skilled engineers.Please call or email for pricing of jobs needing done on 01563 541707 or email  [email protected].


Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head work is a good part of our overall work. We have all machinery required to do jobs like skimming, pressure testing, vacuum testing, removal refitting of valve guides, fitting new valve seat inserts, reface valve seats, refacing valves,we have washing facilities as well so we can wash heads before finally reassembling.We supply all parts associated with cylinder heads valves, guides, inserts, springs, cotters, head gaskets, hydraulic followers, etc. We also have a facility for removing and refitting heads to vehicles if required.Please call or email for quote on 01563 541707 or email  [email protected].


Parts Department

Due to the vast nature of parts available for engines these days here is a list of some of the stuff we can supply. If you don’t see what your looking for call or email to find out of we can supply and price what you are looking for. We supply pistons, bearings, gaskets, headsets, oil seals, oil pumps, engine blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads (both new and second hand), conrods, small end bushes, vlaves , guides, springs, inserts, valve train kits, manifolds, rocker covers, timing covers, timing chain kits, fuel pumps, injectors, turbos, management switches, gearboxes, clutches and clutch kits, oils and filters and egr valves and many more. We try and supply whenever we can oem stuff as much as possible but can also supply spurious parts as well. Call today for price and availability of parts required on 01563 541707 or email  [email protected].