Ford Transit 2.0,2.2,2.4 Diesel engine repairs,overhaul or maintenance.

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We undertake all types of work on transits from simple repairs, servicing ,clutches, gearboxes or  to engineoverhaul or repairs,we have  an extensive range of parts and spares available for all makes and sizes ranging from 2.0, 2.2 or 2.4 diesel or petrol type engines early or late versions.Some of the available parts are cylinder heads,engine blocks,crankshafts,conrods, turbos,pistons, bearings ,gaskets,oil pumps,gasket kits or single gaskets,egr valves injectors,fuel pumps,turbos,gearboxes,clutches,brakes and heater plugs….we have a wide customer base that we do servicing and maintenance of there transit fleet including a few of buisnesses in the Kilmarnock area.We do diagnostic work on them as well including recoding of injectors, fuel pump replacement and as well as engine management faults diagnosis we can limit speeds on vans as well which is cost effective for buisnesses not only economically but driving at lower speeds makes the wear and tear on vehicles less over a period of time.Fast friendly and efficient service just call 01563541707 ,email [email protected] or view our web site at or